It’s been snowing here nonstop since the morning.  The world out our front window looks like an icy planet in Star Wars where the only being that can survive outside is some form of monster animal.  The thermometer says its 12 degrees Fahrenheit – and it’s only going to get colder.  A winter storm has […]

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20. One Year a Grandfather

She took her first breaths at the end of August a year ago in the maternity ward at Eastern Niagara Hospital, the baby girl who was given the name Isabella Rose Mulligan – my granddaughter.  She was born the first grandchild on all sides of her new family, the guaranteed recipient of all manner of […]

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18. A Year in Gringolandia

Last night our small town of Lockport, New York gathered its people in its modest downtown to celebrate my one year anniversary of returning to the U.S.  They marked the occasion with a parade down Main Street followed by a fireworks display over the Eire Canal.  I know it was ostensibly to get the jump […]

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14. “Where are You From?”

I’ve just returned from another one of my long strange global journeys, five countries in just under two weeks – Britain, Azerbaijan, Armenia, the Netherlands, and Ireland (seven if you count my various layovers in Moscow and Istanbul). I enjoy these work trips, in this case leading advocacy workshops for the good people at UNICEF.  […]

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12. Letters to Another America

A year ago, after that surreal morning when we awoke to the news that Donald Trump had been elected President, I traveled from Bolivia to the United States.  It was an odd journey that began by flying back with the Secret Service detail that had been guarding President Obama’s daughter Malia in our little village […]

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